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About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by an all volunteer group of young professionals interested in healthcare serving the greater Boston area and community.

Mission and Vision

Boston Young Healthcare Professionals goal is to provide networking, knowledge opportunities, and a community for emerging healthcare professionals in the greater Boston area enabling members to build strong relationships and be impactful leaders in their field and community.

Our vision is to create an open community to connect and educate all members to understand all facets of healthcare, becoming well rounded leaders. By approaching healthcare challenges holistically, our members will be able to make healthcare better, equitable, and more inclusive.  We want BYHP to be the premiere young professional organization that can serve as a catalyst and resource where all Boston healthcare professionals can connect to grow in their careers and advance the healthcare profession. 

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At Boston Young Healthcare Professionals, we are committed to values of civic responsibility, diversity, and inclusion for all people from all backgrounds to meet our mission and vision for our communities. BYHP believes in creating a culture that allows for all voices to be heard, represented, and celebrated to improve our healthcare system for all members of society.

Image by Scott Graham
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