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Mentorship Program

This program seeks to provide BYHP members at the beginning of their careers a structured and organized experience from mentors (typically with years of professional industry experience) in a group format providing career and professional development guidance.

For example, a mentor who has skills in career switches might be paired with a couple mentees who are interested in making that transition.

Mentors and mentee groups must meet at least once every two months over a six-month period to encourage regular communication and relationship building.


For program purposes, different levels of professional experience are defined as follows:

  • Entry level professional: < 5 yrs experience post-undergrad

  • Mid-career professionals : 5-10 yrs experience

  • Senior level professionals: 10+ yrs experience post-undergrad

Applications are closed for 2023-2024. 

To become a mentor and/or mentee, please fill out the below application(s) to be matched for the Program cycle

Please submit any questions to the Career Development Events Committee using the contact us form.

Mentor Application

Mentee Application

Mentorship Program: Programs
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